Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free

Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free

Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free. Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 22H2 ISO is the next generation of Windows 7 and Windows 8 that we can download for free from the Microsoft website. Reportedly it has fixed a lot of bugs in the previous version. Also, many we could get many features that were requested before by users. Performance is also greatly improved. Moreover, it has now fully support many brands of new hardware. Although nothing has changed in its appearance. But there is new option to choose bright and charming light themes for desktop. Suitable for you guys who preferred bright colors than black ones. Perhaps the most prominent in this latest Windows 10 22H2 update is the new start menu. Where now, the start menu appears more minimalist and elegant.

This version was released at the end of 2021 and was considered to be the most perfect update. There has been a lot of development in the area of gadgets, appearance and system stability. Also, the security of in this operating system has been improved. For those of you who want to try Windows 10 64 bit full version, you must use and download the latest activator. So that the operating system can be fully activated. There are many activator you can use such as KMSAuto 2019.  Fortunately, Microsoft is still developing Windows 10 Pro for 32 bit and 64 bit systems. So there is no need to worry about the specifications of a 32-bit laptop or pc. Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free from google drive link down below.

Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free
New Desktop Interface

Windows 10 Pro Latest Features

  • Light color themes for the taskbar, Start menu, and others
  • A new UI with Fluent Design in all elements
  • More visible shadow interface
  • Blur acrylic display on the login screen
  • Search and cortana features are now separate
  • Changes to the monitoring application feature in the task manager
  • GameBar has a more minimalist UI
  • Introducing the new look of the weather and news taskbar gadgets
  • You can now secure DNS over HTTPS
  • Application launch notification gets new update
  • Also removed the “3D Objects” folder from the system
  • Microsoft update The new icon theme
  • Disk management in settings is available
  • New start menu design with intuitive interface
  • New Alt+tab behaviour that shows all of running process

System Requirements

  • Processor : 3 GHz or faster processor
  • Memori RAM : 8 GB minimum
  • Display : 1366 x 768 HD+
  • GPU : 1 GB Graphics Card or more
  • Storage : 20 GB

How to Install Windows 10 AIO 64 Bit 22H2

  1. Download Windows 10 Pro 64 bit full version
  2. Extract part 1 with the latest Winrar
  3. Prepare an empty 8GB USB drive (Flashdisk)
  4. To create bootable USB, you can use software like RUFUS or YUMI
  5. Select the Windows 10 ISO file on those programs
  6. Restart the computer and then boot from your USB drive
  7. After installing, use activator software KMS VL AIO or use KMSpico
  8. Also check out Windows 10 Enterprise
  9. Download This : Runtimepack (VCredist C++)

Download Windows 10 64 Bit Full Version Free

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      1. oh gitu, baru tau saya gan. untuk pc ram 4gb kira2 kuat gak gan? berjalan lancar atau nggak yaa?

        1. Hmm. Bisa gan, tapi bakalan lumayan berat. Buat multitasking terutama. Mungkin bisa pake WIndows 10, tapi versi yang agak jadul. Udah susah tapi nyarinya sekarang ya.

        2. Saya core i7 2600 3.4ghz
          Ram 10gb, gpu rx580 8gb vram kira2 bisa ngak jalani windows 10 pro smoothly

  1. bang windows 10 yg paling stabil versi yg mana ya….?? pake updatean terbaru malah selalu gagal booting mulu

  2. mas yasir, tolong bantu masih bingung proses penyiapan bootable USBnya, itu file rarnya kan ada 2
    part 1 dan part 2, setelah di cek kok isinya sama ya?
    di tutor cara install diatas disebutin extrac part 1, trus part 2nya dibiarin aja? mohon pencerahannya mas suwun

    1. Iya, part1 dan part2 harus berada di satu folder yang sama. Install winrar. Extract yang part1, maka part2 nanti otomatis kegabung menjadi satu filenya gan.

    1. You should use “Download without advertisement” if you have difficulties downloading Bro. No one wasting time, but your ignorance. 🙂

        1. Ganti link jangan google drive. Sudah di take down sama google. Pake fitur link download tanpa iklan juga biar gampang. Nyalain adblock plus jangan lupa.

  3. Hi, Yasir, Kenapa saya setelah pakai Windows 10 R6 ini terkena Kernel 41 Critical Error Power Error pada Event Viewer

  4. gan kalo udh install windows nya,, misal ada update-update dari windows nya di update aja gpp??
    atau dibiarin aja ga usah di update-update

  5. gan kl di extract file download yg dari google drive selalu checksum error file corrupt. ditest repair juga ga bisa karena recovery record not found. sudah test beberapa kali download gan masih sama

  6. Dear Yasir
    my feedback is
    first round i setting rufus to
    image option : standard windows installation
    partition scheme : GPT
    target system : UEFI
    RESULT : windows 10 home
    second round i setting rufus to
    image option : windows to go
    partition scheme : GPT
    target system : UEFI
    then after click on start the rufus show option message to choose between win 10 home or win 10 pro
    i selected win 10 pro
    RESULT : i spend 12 hour and used 8.5GB from Usb flash and found windows installed in usb flash not avaliable to install in my laptop
    third round i changed bios setup and HD to MBR and setting rufus to
    image option : standard windows installation
    partition scheme : MBR
    target system : BIOS
    RESULT : windows 10 home
    fourth round . i used another programs like ulteraiso
    RESULT : windows 10 home

    i search and found some version of windows combine between 2 or 3 or many versions like home + pro + edu
    so i you have windows 10 pro 1903 single setup plz share it with me
    thanks yasir

  7. Hp 15-da1006ne
    I tried different things today when run rufus i selected first time standard windows installation then the result after installation is home edition.

    second time i selected windows to go then message option appear win 10 home or win 10 pro
    when i selected win 10 pro the iso image extract 25% and usb flash is completed 8 GB and rufus stop working
    i repeat it again after format usb but the same result .

    also i tried to extract iso image by winrar the setup file only for home edition.

    1. Maybe your laptop is running UEFI instead of MBR? You need to set Rufus Partition scheme to GPT and target system to UEFI. Otherwise, you should try editing BIOS and set it to MBR.

      1. The option without edition name
        1. Windows 10
        2. Windows 10
        i installed both and both are Home version

      2. I’ve tried it again last night, and for me, it had both pro and home on the selection. I wonder, did you installed home version before on your pc? or it was clean install?

        1. I think like you. because this new laptop with windows home so i delete all partions and format HD then installed your win source i found after start installation one page for choice between win 10 and win 10 first time i choose the first win 10 and second installation i selected second win 10 and both is win home …
          do you know why i asking you dear beacause i trust you
          also i tried to install avast also give me error as i sent to you and also tried to run host batch the same error .
          do you know my old laptop i installed the same source for avast and it is working well.
          i do not know what i can do
          suggest to me