Windows 10 Super Lite ISO Free Download x64

Windows 10 Super Lite ISO Free Download x64

Free Download Windows 10 Super Lite Full Version ISO. If you have a low-spec computer and want to install the latest Windows 10, you can consider using Windows 10 Lite. This version is designed for better performance on systems with limited resources. It achieves this by removing bloatware and unnecessary applications that are typically installed automatically.

In the installation ISO, you’ll find various choices for Windows 10 versions, including Pro, Enterprise, Education, and more. The core features of the operating system remain intact, such as drivers, Windows Explorer, screenshot tools, and essential programs. We’ll focus on Windows 10 Ghost Spectre, which is a popular Windows 10 modification known for its lightweight performance. Spectre achieves this by disabling features and built-in applications that aren’t essential for the system. It’s a suitable choice if your computer or laptop has 2GB or 4GB of RAM, limited storage, or uses an HDD.

To install this fast and lightweight Windows 10 Lite, you’ll need a USB drive. Once you’ve downloaded the ISO file, you can create a bootable USB installer using applications like Rufus or Yummy. After installation, Windows will automatically use the dark theme. If you’re interested in trying out this lite version of Windows 10, it’s worth giving it a shot. Download Windows 10 SuperLite Full Version ISO 64 Bit

Download Windows 10 Lite

Windows 10 Super Lite ISO Features

  • Aplikasi compact sudah terintegrasi + LZX (AlgorithM)
  • Semua Bloatware yang ada di Windows telat di hapus
  • Stock Drivers tetap tersedia (Plug n Play driver)
  • Dark Theme sudah diaktifkan secara default
  • Windows 10 Pro bisa diaktifkan dengan Ghost Toolbox
  • Mendukung banyak bahasa lainnya dan keyboard
  • Juga bisa menggunakan UWP Games / UWP Apps
  • Optimisasi Privasi dan peningkatkan performa
  • Optimisasi Pagefile/Services/Scheduled/Search Indexer
  • Dapat di install pada komputer PC dengan spesifikasi rendah
  • Kalian bisa install komponen yang terhapus dengan Ghost ToolBox

Removed Components

  • Removes Windows Apps and System Apps / Cortana
  • Removes Windows Security / Defender / Smartscreen
  • Disable Remote Desktop / Tablet keyboard / NFC / Clipboard / Focus Assist – (Superlite only)
  • Removes OneDrive
  • Disable Action Center / Notifications – (Superlite only)
  • Telemetry – (Superlite only)
  • Removes Errors reports – (Superlite only)
  • Disable UAC (Never notify)
  • Removes WinSxS backup
  • Removes Winre (can add on Ghost Toolbox)

Included Version :

  • Professional Education
  • Professional Workstation
  • Education
  • Professional CountrySpecific
  • Professional Single Language
  • IoT Enterprise
  • Enterprise

How to Install Windows 10 SuperLite Full Version ISO

  1. Download Windows 10 Lite ISO full version 64 Bit
  2. Extract with the latest WinRAR Application
  3. Reinstall Method: Prepare a blank 16 GB Flashdrive
  4. Install and use Rufus to create a bootable flash drive
  5. Rufus has given the option to bypass TPM 2.0 and RAM Requirement
  6. Select the ISO file and wait for the process to complete
  7. Restart the computer, boot the computer from the FlashDisk earlier
  8. Then do the same Windows installation as usual
    (If you don’t understand, see the tutorial on youtube “how to install windows”)
  9. Use Activator such as KMS VL AIO and KMAuto++

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Download Windows 10 Super Lite Full ISO

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