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Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 Full Review + PC Download

Download Adobe Lightroom CC 2018 Classic PC Full– One of the best photo editing software in the world. Exceptionally powerful with editing, retouching, color grading and exporting any kind of pictures or photos. Even though this application has many similar features with adobe photoshop, however, it has tons of tools which the later program doesn’t have. Adobe promised the user that this software could have the best accessibility to open, edit, control, and soft retouching pad tonal photo. In this latest version, now the application has its own program window. (

So it doesn’t come up with adobe photoshop anymore. There were so many reasons to chose adobe lightroom cc 2018 full crack, one of the reason would be its user interface and workflow. Anyone can basically use this software without having any difficulty in learning. Do you want to try this before buying it officially? Check out the adobe lightroom cc 2018 free download full version down below.

Download Lightroom For PC Windows With Crack

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2018 Features Review

  • See the big picture
  • Easier editing on the go
  • Shoot-through presets
  • Enhanced Tone Curve tool
  • Split Tone adjustments
  • Quick camera access
  • New Watermarking system
  • Folder Search

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How to Install Lightroom Full For Windows

  1. Download Lightroom for PC down below
  2. Extract with the latest WinRAR software
  3. Completely turn off your internet connection
  4. Also disable any antivirus or windows defender temporarily
  5. Run the Setup.exe
  6. Select the Trial Version mode
  7. After it has finished, open the application to run the trial
  8. Quit the program and restart your computer
  9. Download the AMTEmu and extract with WinRAR (Antivirus off)
  10. Run the AMTEmu with administrator right
  11. Scroll down the presets until you found the adobe lightroom
  12. Click the Install button, then go to the installation folder, find the amtlib.dll
  13. Also Download : Adobe Lightroom Classic 2022 Full Version

For Windows 10 Users

  • You need to update your system up to the latest Windows 10 Pro build
  • If there’s problem, try cleaning up your system with Creative Cloud Uninstaller

As For Windows 7 and 8 User : 

  • I suggest downloading the program from the official Adobe server (Online trial installer)
  • Don’t forget to download and install all of the Visual C ++ Redistributable from microsoft

Adobe Lightroom 2018 v7.5 Final Full

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  1. Hey i can’t sync my photos in Lightroom Classic CC 2018 and when i try to Login, Lightroom is getting crashed. How to fix this issue?

    1. What do you mean by login? un-original version can’t login to adobe account, moreover to sync the files from the cloud, impossible.